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Guided Meditation for Full Body Weight Kiss

12/11/2023 | | English, lovetopia, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

This meditation, inspired by the ideals of Lovetopia, is named «Guided Meditation for Full Body Weight Kiss». This meditation focuses on the intimate and harmonious connection achieved through fully mirroring each other’s posture while one person lies on top of the other. The position described, reminiscent of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, symbolizes a deep union and balance.

This meditation is designed to deepen your bond and create a profound sense of unity and harmony. It’s a beautiful way to explore intimacy and trust in a physical, yet deeply emotional manner.

Any of these songs can work, but remember that music is very personal and what works for one couple may not be ideal for another.

  1. «La Profondita» – Hania Rani
  2. «Echoes» – Sol Rising
  3. «Love Me» – Yiruma
  4. «Porcelain» – Moby
  5. «Angel Echoes» – Four Tet
  6. «Sarajevo» – Max Richter
  7. «Breathe» – Télépopmusik
  8. «Midnight» – Coldplay
  9. «Gravity» – Ludovico Einaudi
  10. «Embrace» – Goldroom

  1. Setting the Scene
    • «Let’s start by creating a comfortable space where we can lie down together. If you’re the one lying down first, position yourself on your back, arms and legs open, like in the Vitruvian Man. If you’re the one laying on top, gently position yourself to mirror your partner, aligning your body with theirs.»
  2. Entering the Pose
    • «As the one on top, carefully and slowly lower yourself onto your partner. Allow your bodies to align, each limb mirroring the other, creating a harmonious and balanced posture.»
  3. Breathing in Unison
    • «Together, let’s take deep, synchronized breaths. Feel how our chests rise and fall together, how our breaths become one. Allow the rhythm of our breathing to bring us closer, both physically and emotionally.»
  4. Feeling the Weight and Warmth
    • «Notice the sensation of weight and warmth as we share this intimate space. If you’re on the bottom, feel the comforting weight of your partner. If you’re on top, be mindful of how your weight is accepted and supported.»
  5. Full Body Awareness
    • «Let’s bring our attention to each part of our bodies, starting from the head. Feel the points where our heads touch or are aligned. Slowly move this awareness down to our necks, shoulders, arms, and hands.»
  6. Continuing the Journey
    • «Continue this journey of awareness through our bodies. Feel the alignment of our chests, the meeting of our hearts. Sense the connection at our hips, the mirroring of our legs and feet.»
  7. Embracing the Connection
    • «Embrace this profound connection. Feel how our bodies communicate trust, love, and harmony in this shared posture.»
  8. The Full Body Weight Kiss
    • «In this moment, let’s imagine that our bodies are expressing a deep, full-body kiss. A kiss that goes beyond lips, encompassing our entire being, a union of body and soul.»
  9. Concluding the Meditation
    • «As we prepare to conclude, let’s take three more deep breaths together, cherishing the intimacy and unity we’ve experienced. Slowly and gently, if you’re on top, begin to lift yourself off. If you’re on the bottom, feel the gradual lightness as your partner rises.»
  10. Transitioning Back
  • «When you both are ready, transition back to sitting or standing. Take a moment to reflect on this experience, carrying the sense of deep connection with you.»

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