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Guided Meditation for a Slow, Mindful Hug

12/11/2023 | | English, lovetopia, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

This guided meditation focused on a slow, mindful hug, inspired by the Lovetopian way. This meditation is designed to deepen the connection between you and your partner through the simple yet profound act of hugging.

This guided meditation focuses on the various aspects of a hug, encouraging you and your partner to be fully present and aware of the physical and emotional connection it brings. It’s a simple yet powerful way to deepen your bond and experience the joy of being close to one another.

Any of these songs can work, but remember that music is very personal and what works for one couple may not be ideal for another.

  • «Primavera» – Ludovico Einaudi
  • «Sunset Lover» – Petit Biscuit
  • «Holocene» – Bon Iver
  • «Nuvole Bianche» – Ludovico Einaudi
  • «The Night We Met» – Lord Huron
  • «Only Time» – Enya
  • «Heartbeats» – José González
  • «Saturn» – Sleeping At Last
  • «To Build a Home» – The Cinematic Orchestra
  • «Yellow» (Acoustic Version) – Coldplay

  1. Preparing for the Hug
    • «Let’s begin by standing facing each other, close enough to feel each other’s presence. Take a deep breath together, allowing ourselves to relax and be fully present in this moment.»
  2. Entering the Hug
    • «Slowly, let’s move into an embrace. Reach out and gently wrap your arms around each other. Let this hug be a soft, warm, and welcoming space.»
  3. Mindful Embrace
    • «As we hold each other, pay attention to the sensation of the hug. Feel the warmth of your partner’s body, the texture of their clothes, and the gentle pressure of the embrace.»
  4. Breathing Together
    • «Now, synchronize our breathing. Inhale deeply together, feeling our chests expand against each other. As we exhale, let any tension or distance melt away.»
  5. Deepening the Connection
    • «With each breath, allow the hug to deepen. Gently adjust your arms to find the most comfortable and nurturing position for both of you.»
  6. Awareness of the Head and Neck
    • «Bring your awareness to your heads and necks. Feel how they are positioned in relation to each other. Notice any changes in sensations as you continue to embrace.»
  7. Focusing on the Back and Shoulders
    • «Shift your focus to your back and shoulders. Feel the support and strength they provide in this hug. Notice the rise and fall of your partner’s back with each breath.»
  8. Sensing the Arms and Hands
    • «Be aware of your arms and hands. Feel the firmness or gentleness of the hug. Notice how your hands complete the embrace, and the emotions and energy they convey.»
  9. Connection through the Legs and Feet
    • «Finally, bring your attention to your legs and feet. Feel how they ground you, how they support your body in this loving embrace.»
  10. Closing the Hug
  • «As we prepare to end this hug, let’s take three deep breaths together, cherishing the connection we’ve shared. Slowly and gently release the embrace, keeping your eyes closed for a moment longer to savor the feeling of closeness.»

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