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Guided Meditation for Laying Down and Embracing Each Other

12/11/2023 | | English, lovetopia, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

This  guided meditation inspired by the scenes in «Lovetopia» where Ruben and Nazareth share intimate moments lying down on the grass or in the bed. This meditation aims to evoke a sense of deep connection, relaxation, and presence with your partner and enhances body awareness through synchronized movement and breath.

This meditation is designed to enhance your physical and emotional connection through synchronized movement and heightened body awareness. It invites you to be fully present with each other, deepening your bond through shared experience and mindful presence.

Any of these songs can work, but remember that music is very personal and what works for one couple may not be ideal for another.

  • «Elysian Fields» – Goldmund
  • «Ambre» – Nils Frahm
  • «Horizon Variations» – Max Richter
  • «Underwater» – Ludovico Einaudi
  • «La Valse d’Amélie» (Versión Orquestal) – Yann Tiersen

  1. Beginning and Grounding
    • «As we lie down, whether on the grass or a bed, let’s take a moment to feel the surface beneath us. Feel its support and grounding presence. Begin with deep, synchronized breaths, inviting a sense of calm and connection.»
  2. Entering the Embrace
    • «Now, let’s gently move into an embrace. Feel the warmth and closeness of each other. Allow our bodies to relax and melt into this comforting position, creating a space of safety and affection.»
  3. Introducing Wave Movements
    • «Together, let’s start a gentle wave-like movement. With each inhale, slightly arch our backs, like a wave rising, and with each exhale, let the wave softly fall, bringing us closer. Feel this rhythmic motion, harmonizing with our breaths.»
  4. Focus on Head and Neck
    • «Bring your attention to our heads and necks. Notice the subtle sensations here as we breathe and move in unison. Be aware of any warmth, tingles, or relaxation.»
  5. Shoulders and Arms Awareness
    • «Let your focus now travel to our shoulders and arms. Observe how the wave movement influences these areas. Sense the rise and fall of our shoulders, the embrace of our arms.»
  6. Chest and Back Sensations
    • «Shift your awareness to our chests and backs. Feel the expansion with each inhale and the gentle contraction with each exhale. Notice the comforting pressure and release as we move together.»
  7. Hips and Waist Attention
    • «Gently focus on our hips and waist. Feel the wave-like motions here, the rocking, the rhythm we create together, and the sense of harmony in our movements.»
  8. Legs and Feet Connection
    • «Finally, let your awareness flow to our legs and feet. Sense how the movement travels through our bodies to our feet. Notice any sensations in your legs, the contact they make with the surface beneath us.»
  9. Closing the Meditation
    • «As we conclude this meditation, let’s take three deep breaths together, gradually bringing our movement to a rest. When ready, gently release the embrace. Keep your eyes closed for a moment longer, cherishing the connection and tranquility we’ve shared.»

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