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Guided Meditation for Intimate Dance

12/11/2023 | | English, lovetopia, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

This guided meditation that captures the essence of an intimate dance, similar to the one between Ruben and Nazareth in «Lovetopia.» This meditation will guide you and your partner through a mindful, step-by-step dance, focusing on each part of the body to deepen your awareness and connection. This meditation also helps to release shame and shyness.

This guided meditation aims to help you and your partner experience a dance that is not just physical, but deeply connected and mindful, focusing on each body part to enhance the intimacy of the moment.

Any of these songs can work, but remember that music is very personal and what works for one couple may not be ideal for another.

  • «Can’t Help Falling in Love» – Haley Reinhart (versión suave y lenta)
  • «The Look of Love» – Diana Krall
  • «Lover’s Waltz» – A.A. Bondy
  • «Wonderful Tonight» – Eric Clapton (versión tranquila)
  • «Turning Page» (Instrumental) – Sleeping At Last

Starting the Dance

  • «Let’s begin by standing close to each other, feeling the presence of our partner. Take a deep breath together, synchronizing our breathing to set the rhythm for our dance.»

Focusing on the Head and Eyes

  • «Start by focusing on your head. Feel its weight, how it moves gently with the rhythm. Look into each other’s eyes, sharing a moment of connection, communicating without words.»

Shoulders and Arms

  • «Let your awareness move to your shoulders and arms. Feel them relax and move fluidly with the music. Notice how your arms guide and respond to your partner’s movements.»

Chest and Back

  • «Shift your focus to your chest and back. Feel the rise and fall with each breath, the way your bodies press together and then part slightly with the rhythm of the dance.»

Hips and Waist

  • «Bring your attention to your hips and waist. Feel the sway and the gentle rotations, the interplay of your movements with your partner’s, creating a harmonious dance.»

Legs and Feet

  • «Finally, focus on your legs and feet. Feel the ground beneath you, the subtle steps and shifts in weight, the grace and strength that carry you through the dance.»

Closing the Dance

  • «As our dance comes to a close, let’s take a deep breath together, feeling grateful for this shared experience. Slowly, bring your dance to a gentle stop, maintaining the connection and harmony we’ve built.»


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