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Guided Meditation for Bath Practice

12/11/2023 | | English, lovetopia, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

This  guided meditation inspired by the scenes in «Lovetopia» where Ruben and Nazareth share intimate moments in the bath. This meditation aims to evoke a sense of deep connection, relaxation, and presence with your partner and enhances body awareness through touching and breath.

This guided meditation for the bath practice includes a detailed exploration of touch, focusing on all the areas of the body. This extended guidance aims to facilitate a gradual and comfortable exploration of intimacy while respecting both your boundaries and comfort levels.

Any of these songs can work, but remember that music is very personal and what works for one couple may not be ideal for another.

  • «Weightless» – Marconi Union
  • «Open» – Rhye
  • «Aerial» – Moby
  • «Please Don’t Go» – Barcelona
  • «May Be» – Yiruma

  1. Beginning and Breathing
    • «Let’s start by becoming aware of the water embracing us. Notice its warmth and gentle caress. Together, take deep, synchronized breaths. With each exhale, release any tension or hesitation.»
  2. Eye Gazing
    • «Gently gaze into each other’s eyes. Allow this gaze to be soft, communicating love and presence. Let this moment be about connection, beyond words.»
  3. Exploring Touch with Hands
    • «Begin by exploring each other’s hands with your fingertips. Feel the texture and warmth of their skin. Slowly, let your hands wander to their forearms, feeling the gentle play of water on their skin.»
  4. Moving to the Shoulders and Neck
    • «Now, gently move your touch to their shoulders, feeling the curve and strength there. From the shoulders, move to the neck, exploring its contours. Notice the sensation of your touch and the response of their body.»
  5. Exploring the Chest and Ribs
    • «Carefully, let your hands glide over their chest. Feel the rhythm of their heartbeat and the rise and fall of their breathing. Move along the ribs, tracing the lines of their body, feeling the unique shape and movement.»
  6. Touching the Waist and Hips
    • «Continue your exploration to the waist, feeling the water around this area. From the waist, gently move to the hips. Be mindful of the sensations here, both in your touch and in their response.»
  7. Gentle Exploration of Sensitive Areas
    • «With sensitivity, allow your hands to explore near the pubic hair and groin, respecting each other’s comfort levels. Feel the texture of the hair, the warmth of the skin. Remember, this is about exploring with love and respect.»
  8. Down to the Knees
    • «Finally, let your hands travel down to the knees. Feel the smoothness and the subtle movements as they float slightly in the water.»
  9. Closing the Meditation
    • «To conclude, bring your hands back to rest on your own heart. Take three deep breaths together, cherishing the intimacy and trust you’ve shared. When you’re ready, slowly transition out of the bath, carrying this sense of deep connection with you.»

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