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Main characters in #lovetopia: The New World That Lives Within Our Heart

08/06/2023 | | English, lovetopia | No hay comentarios

These are the main character of Carlos Goga’s novel #lovetopia – The New World That Lives Within Our Heart: (más…)

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Mi «nuevo yo» en esta «nueva normalidad»

26/05/2020 | | cambio, English, experiencias | No hay comentarios

Eso que llaman la «nueva normalidad» nos ha llegado, sin excepción, a todos y cada uno, con independencia de cómo hemos vivido estas últimas semanas o lo qué opinemos sobre el corona-virus, el gobierno o el resto de nosotros (la ciudadanía).

Esta «nueva normalidad» tiene algunas características directas e íntimas que facilita reconocer como el «nuevo yo» y que agrupo en dos «novedades fuera» y dos «novedades dentro».

Las novedades fuera (de ahí, F1 y F2) son las siguientes:

F1. una exigencia de DISTANCIA SOCIAL y la correspondiente obligatoriedad de llevar MASCARILLA cuando no es factible;
F2. una recomendación generalizada de NO TOCAR y de mantener una HIGIENE estricta;

Las novedades dentro (de ahí, D1 y D2) son estas:

D1. una exposición permanente a la CONFUSIÓN y a la FALTA DE COHERENCIA;
D2. una TORMENTA EMOCIONAL continua que a veces me arrastra al sufrimiento y la angustia, a veces a estados de alerta y tensión. (más…)

Etiquetas: cambio, corazón, crisis

Yes, I am a SIY Certified Teacher and I am overflowing with gratitude and love

01/09/2018 | | English, experiencias, SIY | 2 Comentario

Yesterday, August 31st 2018, I received a simple email message in which I was informed that I have received the status as Certified Teacher by the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI). Smile on my face and in my heart, I reflect aloud about this trip that started in May of last year.

It was on my way to the NESI Forum (New Economy & Social Innovation Forum) when Esther, then a new friend of BlaBlaCar and today a good friend of the heart, it was then that Esther told me about a mindfulness program developed at Google. My first reaction was rejection, kind of verbalizing «that does not exist because if it existed I would surely know». She insisted and I kept the question opened.

A few weeks later, I sat at my computer, I launched a couple of searches and … olé! … there it was. I felt a sense of new identity, very strong, like the one I experienced when I discovered Theory-U and Otto Scharmer’s Presencing Institute. I read everything that had to be read and I felt in love.

The story that stuck with me was as follows. A Google engineer, Chade Meng-Tan, designed a course of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to help his (Google’s) coleagues to enjoy more of their work and improve their performance. His success was such, such was the good reception and long waiting lists, that over time that became the headline of articles in the press. He ended up making a «spin-off» that shaped what I had just discovered: the startup of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute as an independent, non-profit organization, with the aim of offering that same training outside Google and with the great intention of working for peace in the world. (más…)

Etiquetas: cambio, corazón, google, innovación, SiliconValley, tecnología

The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

12/12/2017 | | English, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

I created this summary about The Forty Rules of Love after reading Elif Shafak book. I hope they insire you as much as they inspired me. Please, see note at the end of the document and, if needed, download them in Word. Now, what is most important, enjoy!! (más…)

Etiquetas: amar, corazón, love

About blindspots: a journaling exercise

11/11/2017 | | cambio, English, experiencias | No hay comentarios

My first reaction regarding “blindspot”, when thinking blindspot, is to refuse talking, or writing, as I easily close the question with this “How I am able to know my blindspots if I am blind to them?”. But meditation has helped me connect with humility and quick journaling has unfold some insights.

First, I will be writing about those blindspots that come from others’ reactions to myself that I find surprising, like if I was not the person who cause the reaction. Then, I will try to focus on those self-discoveries, maybe old “blindspots” I recently acknowledge about myself, which I received as a deeper self-knowledge. Lastly, I will reflect on behaviors flying around which I suspect could be an early reflection of blindspots.

Let me start by focusing on those blindspots that come from others’ reactions to myself that surprises me like if I was not the person who cause the reaction. (más…)

Etiquetas: amor, cambio, change, love, sexualidad

Reflections about death: a journaling exercise

11/11/2017 | | English, experiencias | No hay comentarios

I never took death very seriously when I was younger. I can remember easily that part of my life were unconsciously challenging death was part of the game. There could be lots of different situations where this happened, but what I remember the most was at those time when we did motorcycle racing in these snake-like roads in the mountain of Cullera. Girls were scared and we boys were proud. I had some accidents but I felt them as part of life. This is interesting because I always felt, and keep feeling, death as part of life. This continued even when I quit motorcycle and started cars. I had one insight at this time when by chance I was able to avoid a death accident. I was driving and entered this curve extremely fast and made it out a crazy maneuver. We were two boys and three girls in the car. They were as excited as scared. I was just scared. This I think was the first time I just realized that playing with death could be a risky business also for others, and I actually felt I did not want to kill anybody at all. (más…)

Love/Amor: a thinking session for CreativeMornings/Madrid

02/08/2016 | | bliss-u, educación, English, lovetopia, sexualidad | No hay comentarios

Last Friday, July 29th, I gave a talk about what is LOVE, written like that, in capital letters. The context was the event organized by CreativeMornings/Madrid. The place was SoulSight‘s office, the organizers, a few meters away of the Puerta de Alcalá in Madrid.

The day couldn’t be more appropriate. I was born on July 29th and it was my birthday, 48th to be concise. Upon arrival, I found a extremely festive and well decorated space. There were hearts everywhere. Heart-shaped balloons. Sticks decorated with a heart. Chocolate cookies with heart drawings. Even a heart-shaped cake. It made me feel special, and it all continued very special. Although the decor matched the event and the theme of the talk, Love / Amor, I felt that it was also my birthday party. Here you can see a few pictures of the space and the event. And here you can watch the talk itself at Creative Mornings’ site (sorry, it is in Spanish!) (más…)

Etiquetas: amar, amor, corazón, heart, love, sexualidad, sexuality

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